Innov-Acts Ltd (Cyprus)

Innov-Acts is a consulting company, whose members have been involved in EU e Infrastructures since year 2000, with active involvement in the development of network design and operation of IP over DWDM networks (GRNET), in the design and interconnection of 6 computing clusters (GRNET/ HellasGrid), the involvement in major EU and regional initiatives/projects, both networking such as GÉANT, EUMedConnect, SEEREN, SEE-Fiber and HPC/HTC computing, such as PRACE, EGI Design Study, EOSC-Hub, along with related policy and financial projects such as the ESFRI and e-IRG support projects and e-FISCAL.

In EuroHyPerCon, they will provide both the project and technical managers, along with networking and security experts with in-field expertise of network design, implementation, and operation.

High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart - HLRS (Germany)

(Legal entity: University of Stuttgart)

HLRS is a leading HPC center in Germany, member of the German GAUSS Supercomputing Alliance (GCS), and is very active in the EuroHPC area with key projects such as EuroCC/EuroCC2 and CASTIEL/CASTIEL2 on the development and coordination of the national competence centers (NCCs) on HPC in Europe.

In EuroHyPerCon, they will provide technical project managers with deep knowledge of EuroHPC developments, along with one of their networking experts of the HLRS.

Enomix S.A. (Greece)

ENOMIX and its members have been dealing with public sector and commercial IT projects, focusing on network design of next generation networks and related software tools and technics, along with regulation/deregulation aspects of networks. On top of this ENOMIX has a long experience into designing and planning complex network projects – investments funded in full or partially by EU relevant financial instruments.

In EuroHyPerCon, they will provide networking experts with in-field experience of network design, operation and implementation, along with a project manager.