EuroHyPerCon Study Project kicks-off!

The EuroHyPerCon project, a EuroHPC JU funded study to identify and analyze the connectivity requirements of HPC systems in Europe and subsequently specify a future-proof connectivity service, along with its implementation roadmap, has now officially launched!

In a dense meeting held in Luxemburg on 9 October 2023, the partners of the Project, together with EuroHPC JU officials, have started working on the plan set out to develop further and improve the European HPC ecosystem, starting already with the vital need to engage the HPC user community in providing feedback and connectivity requirements

If you want to overall participate in this study and stay updated on the work of EuroHyPerCon and the developments on this field, please use the following registration link:

Stakeholder registration form: EuroHyPerCon Study Stakeholder Registration РForm 

If you are and HPC stakeholder (service provider, user, network provider), please consider registering to attend the first Stakeholder Workshop, Monday 30 October 2023.

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